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New fall TV premieres

New fall TV premieres
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Tired of binge-watching all your favorite shows on Netflix? Are you struggling to find something new and fresh to watch on TV?

You're in luck because there are 28  - yes, 28 - brand new TV shows debuting on the broadcast networks this fall.

There's even a new show called "Selfie." Imagine that.

My listeners are always asking me how to cut the cord on cable completely. It's a great idea for those who simply don't want to pay that sky-high cable bill. But cord-cutters could be missing out this season. For those who don't want to miss out on all these new shows, I recommend following these steps for dramatically lowering your cable bill, then I recommend checking out these new shows.

Notable shows

I'm interested to see what "Selfie" is all about, set to debut on ABC, Tuesday, Sept. 30th.

It's taking its premise from "My Fair Lady" where main character Eliza Dooley (played by Dr. Who's Karen Gillan) is obsessed with becoming an Internet sensation. She then enlists the help of Henry Higenbottam (played by John Cho) to help her learn some mobile manners, and to help her discover that there's more to life than Facebook, Instagram, selfies and getting to the next level on Candy Crush. 

I suppose hiring a guru is a better option than Internet Boot Camp?

Here's the trailer :

What happens when a little boy hacks into NASA? He gets into big trouble.

What happens when he grows up? "Scorpion" follows the true story and life of Walter O'Brien and his hackers team that tracks high-threat situations for Homeland Security.

Can you imagine life in Gotham without Batman? This show can.

"Gotham" is one of Fox's most-anticipated shows and follows the story of Gotham's Commissioner James Gordon's rise to the top of the police force, starting with the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents.

If you can't wait till it's September 22 start date, there's a fun site called WITNESS GOTHAM that lets you explore the show's opening scene. Spoiler Alert! It's a murder scene and you have to gather clues to learn more about the show's key characters.

Here's what's new: 


  • "Black-ish" – Sept. 24
  • "Cristela" – Oct. 10
  • "Forever" – Sept. 22
  • "How to Get Away With Murder" – Sept. 25
  • "Manhattan Love Story" – Sept. 30
  • "Selfie" – Sept. 30


  • "Madam Secretary" – Sept. 21
  • "The McCarthys" – Oct. 30
  • "NCIS: New Orleans" – Sept. 23
  • "Scorpion" – Sept. 22
  • "Stalker" – Oct. 1


  • "A to Z" – Oct. 2
  • "Bad Judge" – Oct. 2
  • "Constantine" – Oct. 24
  • "Marry Me" – Oct 14
  • "The Mysteries of Laura" – Sept. 17
  • "State of Affairs" – Nov. 17


  • "The Flash" – Oct. 7
  • "Jane The Virgin"– Oct. 13


  • "Gotham" – Sept. 22
  • "Gracepoint" – Oct. 2
  • "Mulaney" – Oct. 5
  • "Red Band Society" – Sept. 17


  • "The Affair" – Oct. 12 – Showtime
  • "Happyland" – Sept. 30 – MTV
  • "Kingdom" – Oct. 8 – DirecTV
  • "Survivor's Remorse" – Oct. 4 - Starz
  • "Z-Nation" – Sept. 12 - SyFy
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