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$1,000 app approved by Apple: Wait 'til you see what it does

$1,000 app approved by Apple: Wait 'til you see what it does
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It would be hard, maybe even downright impossible, to spend $1,000 on a new iPhone 6 Plus with all the bells and whistles. You'd have to order one of those gold and diamond-encrusted numbers.

So what would it take to make someone dig far enough into their pocket for $1,000 to spend on an app that will even work on an iPhone 5s? Well, let's just say that it would have to be one pretty special app.

Seriously. There are so many free apps available, and other really great ones cost just a few dollars to download. So for $1,000 what does this app do? And why did The Apple Store try to approve it? Is it a life-changer? A gimmick?

Well, it turns out, it converts your iPhone into a sophisticated video recorder. The app by Vizzywig allows you to take super-sharp 4K video with your iPhone (you will need a 5s and at least 32GB of storage to use it). It's the world's first 4K video app, and it has the ability to record 3480 x 2160 video at 24 frames per second.

Click here for everything you need to know about Ultra HD 4K.

Not enough bang for the buck? Vizzywig 4K also lets you edit your clips, add transitions, titles, scrolling credits and even add in some background music right from your phone. At you might have guessed the app will also allow you to upload your videos directly to YouTube or save them locally to share them by some other means.

Does anyone really need 4K video on their phone?

No matter the scenario, one could argue that a 4K video app is a bit over the top. Well, when you consider that most handheld "camera-only" recorders run from about $1,200 to $20,000, the Vizzywig app's price tag is a bit easier to digest - particularly with its ability to capture super high-resolution images comparable to some of its far more expensive handheld competitors.

This could make sense to users to whom portability is a factor. Instead toting that extra bag or carry to the airport, en route to your next vacation or on-location shoot, all you will have to do is throw your camera in your pocket or purse as you always would.

And because your phone's small screen makes it tougher to adjust more subtle camera settings on the fly, Vizzywig went the extra mile to build in sophisticated software to make automatic suggestions that naturally enhance the video, while still allowing enough control to professionals who need it.

Before you download

The Vizzywig 4k app only works on the 5s and 5c models with at least 32GB of storage for the time being. However, the company assures it will be supporting iOS8 very soon, so iPhone 6 users will not have to give back their shiny new devices.

A few words to the wise, though. If you are a professional, I would be hesitant to purchase this app. At best, the video will be shot in handheld format with no option for a steady tripod. That being said, if you have the money lying around and you love to shoot video, you may really love this 4K video option.

Besides, there is just no way you cannot be amazed a newly approved $1,000 iPhone app that does some really incredible things. It really makes you wonder about the possibilities.

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