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HBO and Verizon challenge Netflix with TV fans the winners

HBO and Verizon challenge Netflix with TV fans the winners
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The great news keeps rolling in for people thinking about cutting the cord on cable. I just told you about a great new service coming from Sony. Now, two of the largest cable providers in the country are reading the writing on the wall and developing services that could let you stream even more of your favorite channels.

The biggest concern I hear from potential cord cutters is that they're afraid to lose out on their favorite shows. That's the fear cable companies use to keep you around and justify those $100-a-month bills. But, if you're looking for reason to get rid of cable for good, this latest news might be it. That's because even the cable companies are starting to realize that Internet streaming, not cable, is the way of the future

Cable companies and streaming services like Netflix should be nervous, because more and more content providers are thinking about bringing their content straight to customers over the Internet. The Sony deal is bringing over 20 channels from Viacom to viewers. But, these new deals have the potential to be even bigger.

Cable companies are starting to realize they can catch more bees with honey than vinegar. That's why Verizon and Time Warner are developing programs that could let you stream more content than ever before.

HBO GO and Verizon

HBO creates some of the most popular shows in the world. That's why its online service HBO GO is something cord cutters have always dreamed of getting their hands on.

But, you currently have to have a cable subscription that includes HBO to get access to HBO GO. A few cable companies have made it cheaper to get in recent months by attaching HBO GO to less expensive basic cable subscriptions, but you could still end up paying for channels you don't want. Fans of HBO's older shows could also opt for an Amazon Prime membership.

That could all change soon, though. Time Warner is a major Internet service and cable provider that also happens to own HBO. CEO Jeff Bewkes recently hinted that soon the company could remove a cable subscription from the HBO GO equation altogether.

The New York Times is reporting that Verizon is also getting in on the game. At a recent meeting, CEO Lowell McAdam said the company already has most of the technology developed to launch a video streaming service. The company is even in talks with major content providers like Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC to bring shows to its service. The service would be like Netflix on steroids, because it would provide shows, live streaming and even live sports from its partners.

It would provide you with many of the same features as cable, but you likely wouldn't have to pay for channels you don' t want. McAdam said the service will likely be on an a la carte basis, so it won't clutter up mobile gadgets with hundreds of apps for different channels you're not using.

This is a major turning point. It shows that at least two cable companies are starting see the Internet as the future of in-home entertainment. It's about time. All of my readers know I've been saying that same thing for quite a while now.

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