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Top video streaming app finally comes to Android gadgets

Top video streaming app finally comes to Android gadgets
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Movie buffs and TV fans have more options than ever to watch their favorites and cut the cord from those high cable bills. You don't even need to own a television thanks to all of the great apps out there for your gadgets.

Apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube make it easier than ever to stream entertainment straight to your gadgets. That means you can watch videos from almost anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. Click here to find out how to get free Wi-Fi anywhere.

But until recently, Android users didn't have access to one of the top streaming apps out there. That's because Amazon had only unveiled its Prime Instant Video app for Kindle Fire, Fire Phone and Apple gadgets. You can also watch the service on many game consoles, streaming media players, smart TVs and through your Internet browser on the computer.

That's all changed, because Amazon has finally debuted Amazon Prime Instant Video for Android gadgets. That means anyone with an Android phone or tablet can watch tons of shows and movies from Amazon's app. But there's a trick to getting the app. Follow along and I'll show you how.

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Before you sprint over to download the app, make sure you know how to get it. It's not as simple as searching through the Google Play store. The service is free, but you've got to follow certain steps to get it.

The app won't be in the usual Google Play store. Instead, Android users will first need to download and install the most recent Amazon app. From there, users will be able to install the Prime Instant Video app.

For $99 a year, you can get an Amazon Prime membership. This will give you access to certain titles in Amazon's library free of charge. But, remember, not every one of Amazon's movies and shows is available through Prime. If a show has the tiny blue Prime logo next to the title, then you know it's free with the subscription. That's why you should take advantage of Amazon's 30-day free trial to find out if the investment is worth it or not. If you purchase Prime, you'll also get free 2-day shipping on all Amazon orders.

Even if you don't subscribe to Prime, you can access Amazon's entire video catalog through the app. You'll just have to pay for each episode or movie individually.

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