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Try on that new phone for size before you buy

Try on that new phone for size before you buy

Bigger is better, right? While smartphone screens are getting bigger, providing an even better viewing experience for movies, streaming video and games, there might just be a very important consideration that you overlooked.

With Apple's big rollout of their new - and bigger - iPhone 6, lots of folks are planning to upgrade as soon as it's available. Meanwhile, other brands have released new models so they are not overshadowed by Apple's buzz.

Are you ready to dive into the upgrade pool? Well, there might be just one thing holding you back. Something that is making you anxious, making you feel unprepared. It is not the new look. And it is not the amazing new speed and features either.

It is this: "Which size should I buy?"

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models are both bigger than the last generation 5s and 5c, which were both slight size increases compared to all iPhones that came before. So, which of the two new models better suits your needs from a strictly physical perspective?

Well, I have just the solution for you. It's a really simple trick that allows you to make your decision prior to heading into the store or ordering online. And guess what? It's using skills you probably learned in kindergarten!

iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, that is the question

The iPhone 6 has a diagonal screen measurement of 4.7 inches and the 6 Plus boasts a giant (in terms of smartphone screens, anyway) 5.5 inch viewer. I will remind you, the 5s and 5c, formerly owners of the largest iPhone screen, measured in at an even 4 inches. So, in order to decide what works best, you should have a good idea what those dimensions actually look like, physically.

Here is what to do:

Go get two pieces of paper (at least 6x10) and a ruler. On the first paper, draw a rectangle that is 5.44 inches high and 2.64 inches wide - that represents the full height and width of the iPhone 6. You may either fold the paper along the lines or just cut out the rectangle for a life-size iPhone 6 paper model.

Then follow the same steps to create your instant iPhone 6 Plus. This time, your rectangle will have to be 6.22 inches high by 3.06 inches wide. Do not be surprised if you think, "Wow, this phone is really big."

Once you have both paper models in hand, try slipping each into your pocket, purse or any other carry-all that you are comfortable using. For most of us, ensuring that the model will at least fit into a front jeans pocket or favorite clutch can be telling. Remember, a giant screen that you cannot comfortably carry around with you might cause frustration later.

Now if the phone's thickness is also important to you, you can get a feel for the sizes in question by handling similar-sized phones by competitor brands. The 2013 Moto X is pretty close in dimension to the iPhone 6, while the Galaxy Note 3 or LG G3 are quite comparable to the iPhone 6 Plus. So, maybe a visit to a local phone carrier store or Best Buy might be worthwhile as well.

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