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iTunes' 'gift' with a hidden 'gotcha'

iTunes' 'gift' with a hidden 'gotcha'
U2 / Apple Keynote 2014

They say you should never look a gift horse in the mouth, and generally that's pretty good advice. But iTunes users have taken the proverbial look, and now they're in an uproar.

When rock superstars U2 performed live at the unveiling of Apple's latest line of products on Tuesday, Apple announced that it is giving U2's new album to iTunes users almost a month before the album goes on sale. What customers didn't know was that this "gift" came with a troubling twist.

Apple boss Tim Cook and U2's Bono seem pretty excited about the release of U2's new album "Songs of Innocence," but that feeling isn't shared by many iTunes users who suddenly lost a ton of storage on their phones. The reason why soon became apparent.

iTunes literally forced the free download of U2's entire album for every iTunes user. That's right, hundreds of millions of albums were "purchased" by iTunes users without their knowledge or permission.

If you have an iPhone or iTunes account, check it out for yourself, I'll wait. Go to your iTunes app and check the Purchased Music section under More>>Purchased>>Music. Down at the bottom of the list, you'll see the artist U2.

And what's more, you can't actually erase the album, which is pretty bad news for a friend of mine who doesn't like U2. You can move the album off of your phone to free up space on your mobile gadget for important things like photos, but you can't delete it from your iTunes account.

Many fans refer to the Samsung and Jay-Z partnership to rail about how iTunes should have released U2's "Songs of Innocence." With the Samsung partnership, Samsung users had the option to download the special app to listen to the Jay-Z album a few weeks early.

The important difference here is that Samsung gave its customers a choice. iTunes didn't.

"I don't even have enough storage on my phone 2 take a pic so what makes apple think I want the U2 album automatically downloaded in my music"

Your move, iTunes.

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