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iPod Classic discontinued: A heartfelt farewell to an old friend

iPod Classic discontinued: A heartfelt farewell to an old friend
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The iPod Classic has officially been put to rest by Apple.

Out of respect to this iconic device, each and every one of us (technology enthusiasts and consumers alike) should take a moment to reflect upon its incredible impact on the world around us. From its innovative design (appearing light-years beyond its Walkman and Discman predecessors from its debut), to the idea that we could carry a lifetime of music in our shirt pocket, iPod Classic forever changed the way we get, store and listen to music. The device's impact on the world and us, as individuals, is undeniable.

Gone but never to be forgotten, the iPod Classic will be remembered for legitimizing digital downloads and, of course, her historic marriage to musical suitor - iTunes.

Whether you spent any quality time around iPod Classic or not, it is hard to avoid feelings of sadness regarding its disappearance from store shelves and retail shopping carts. A slice of Americana has gone the way of memory.

Is it just me, or do you also think it appropriate to queue Don McLean's "American Pie"? Then again, because of iPod Classic's historic legacy, "the day the music died," will not be happening anytime soon.

In a time when technological advances are sought after like diamonds, we are going to miss Classic's iconic clickwheel and stupefying sales statistics. Since 2001, there have been over 100 million of these magical devices sold and get this: 25 billion songs. 25. Billion. Songs.

iPod Classic is survived by her loving husband, iTunes and their beautiful and ambitious children, shuffle, touch, and their baby, nano. Classic also leaves behind one grandchild, iTunes App, who is nobly living up to the family tradition of providing simple access to innumerable music options.

Rest now iPod Classic, your contributions to serve "the enjoyment of humanity" are many and you will be forever remembered as an innovation that truly changed the world.

Retrospective timeline: A brief look at iPod's early years (the first five years)


January - Apple debuts iPod (10 months after iTunes), offering, "1,000 songs in your pocket"



July - Apple rolls out second generation iPod that is compatible with windows. The device can now store 4,000 songs.

2nd generation iPod


April - New third generation iPod is thinner and lighter than two CDs and holds 7,500 songs.

Gen 3 iPod


January - iPod introduces first sub-brand: the iPod mini. Apple also rolls out the first colored full-size iPod - the U2 Special Edition

ipod mini                   iPod U2 special edition


January - iPod shuffle introduced

September - iPod nano replaces the mini

October - Music videos hit the iPod world with iPod with video

iPod with video



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