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Apple fanatic preps for the iPhone 6 with micro chip implant!

We've seen Apple fans camp out for days in every kind of weather just to be the first in line to lay claim to the latest iPhone, iPad or other cool new gadget. But in all my years of covering technology for you, this maybe the most extreme I've seen anyone go for their beloved Apple iPhone.

Ben Slater from Brisbane, Australia just had a microchip installed in his body - we're talking surgery to implant this thing - and it's because of the iPhone 6.

If you've been following my iPhone 6 coverage or receiving my Apple newsletter, you know about near field communication. If you haven't, I'll recap: it's been strongly rumored that iPhone 6 and iWatch will be the first Apple gadgets to include NFC technology. It's a little chip that can send and receive information over close distances. Other smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy have incorporated this technology for years, but Apple is just boarding the NFC train with the new phone.

NFC makes it easy to transfer contacts, playlists and payment info from one phone to another. It also lets external NFC chips trigger and control gadgets with the technology on board. With an NFC microchip embedded in his body, Slater will be able to transfer contacts to somebody's phone just by waving his hand near it. He can also use it to log on to accounts, control lights, start his car and much more.

Slater says he did it partly as a party trick, but also to generate discussion and interest in the future of technology. One day everyone of us could have microchips embedded in our skin.

It could be useful, or it might have consequences we've not yet considered. Is this just the beginning? What do you think of his decision? Let me know in the comments below.

I've embedded the video of the procedure below. Slater had it done at a tattoo and piercing parlor. It's definitely not for the squeamish, but there's only a little blood. Watch at your own risk.

Would you do this?

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