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Steve Jobs inspired Apple's newest healthcare innovation

Steve Jobs inspired Apple's newest healthcare innovation
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There are plenty of great healthcare apps on the market today for your gadget. From personal training to personal health assistants, smartphones and tablets make tracking your health easier and more dependable than ever.

Remember that heart rate monitor app I told you about a few weeks ago? I use it on my iPhone whenever I exercise to make sure my heart rate stays in a healthy range.

These apps are a good start, but they fall short of becoming full-service monitoring tools. That may not be the case for long, though. Apple is working on an all-in-one healthcare app that could even connect with professional medical equipment at your doctor's office or hospital in the future. This could give your doctors one-step access to all of your medical data.

Apple's dedication to improving healthcare monitoring may be inspired by late founder Steve Jobs' last wish. According to a New York Times story on Apple's iWatch, one of  Jobs' greatest frustrations late in life had to do with the design of the masks and systems used to monitor his health during his cancer treatment.

Apple is taking the lead from its founder's vision. It's been beta testing its new iOS 8 in preparation for the iPhone 6 launch tomorrow, and one of the new operating system's coolest features is called Health. It integrates with HealthKit, a tool that will help developers create health and fitness apps that work together on your iPhone or iPad. The company is taking this effort into healthcare seriously and has even hired a top healthcare tech professional to work on the project.

Apple just hired Divya Nag to be a leader of its healthcare charge. She's a healthcare-technology veteran with a a lot of experience in the field. Not much is known about what she'll be doing for Apple, but it does appear she'll be working under Dr. Michael O'Reilly, a Stanford physician with experience developing "medical devices and sensors."

Nag co-founded her own bio-tech company and has also been working with StartX Med, the medical technology branch of the StartX incubator.

And as she’ll continue to work with and advise StartX health-tech companies, Apple will likely have a close relationship with the program (possible acquisitions, hiring sources, and so on), according to our source.

She's already been spotted wearing several brands of smartwatches already, so it appears she's sizing up the competition. Apple is expected to debut its own smartwatch tomorrow and it should play a big role in the exercise and monitoring portions of the Health app.

I can't wait to see what Apple's new team does to pay respects to Steve Jobs' memory and bring new healthcare technologies to Apple gadgets. The company could change the face of healthcare just like it did with cellphones when the iPhone came out in 2007.

I'm sure we'll know more when Apple debuts its new products tomorrow. Stay tuned and I'll keep you informed on the latest developments.

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