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Apple iWatch: Wild new details confirmed

On September 9, Apple will unveil two new iPhones and the first brand-new product since the passing of Steve Jobs. Everyone's calling it the "iWatch," even though we don't know for sure that iWatch will be the official name.

It's Apple's first entry into the new wave of wearable technology that's the next big thing in the tech world. We've already seen Samsung's Gear smart watches, as well as offerings from LG and Motorola. These three brands use Google's Android Wear operating system. We also know that Microsoft plans to enter the game, too, with its own smart watch.

Rumors have been flying about an iWatch for years, but the project has always been shrouded in mystery. What will it look like? Will it be round or square? Will it require an iPhone to work? What sorts of things will an iWatch be able to do? We still don't know all the answers, but thanks to new info confirmed by The New York Times, we know a bit more about it.

Apple HealthKit

We know that the iWatch will take full advantage of HealthKit, the suite of fitness tracking software revealed by Apple at the recent unveiling of iOS 8. Apple is targeting FitBit, Nike and Samsung to become the go-to gadget for health-conscious people.


It's also been confirmed that the iWatch will contain NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. This hardware has been available for a long time in many Android devices, but it will be a first for Apple. NFC allows for fast mobile payments and data transfer between nearby gadgets. This could mean that the iWatch will be able to be used as a mobile credit card. It could also be a big part of Handoff, the software system built into iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite to allow all Apple computers to communicate seamlessly with each other.


The iWatch will also have some method of wireless charging, but it won't be solar. Apple reportedly experimented with solar techniques but they didn't end up in the final product.

It's also believed the iWatch will come in two different screen sizes, just like the iPhone 6. Click here to learn what we know so far about the next iPhone model.

Do you think you want a smart watch? Let me know in the comments below!

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