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Kentucky Fried Chicken made some hilarious computer accessories

I've seen my fair share of weird and amazing computer accessories. I even sell an actual spy gadget in my store that packs a camera, flash drive and microphone into a single pen.

What I haven't seen, though, is the latest marketing campaign coming from Kentucky Fried Chicken in Japan. KFC's Twitter followers can enter a contest to receive a fried chicken keyboard, mouse and flash drive.

I'm not just talking about a run-of-the-mill mouse with a golden-brown color, either. Every individual key on KFC's keyboard looks like a tiny piece of chicken. No really, look at this thing.

KFC Keyboard

And yes, the statue of KFC's iconic Colonel Sanders comes right along with it. Japanese KFC didn't want to stop there, either.

Fried Chicken Mouse

The moment when you're controlling the Internet from the comfort of a golden-brown chicken thigh? That's when you know you've arrived. The best part about this mouse is that it looks totally usable.

It's a hilarious gimmick, sure, but do you think there'd be a moment where you got used to your chicken scroll wheel?

Chicken flash drive

I've heard of gag gifts before, but finding a way to get your hands on this flash drive would definitely take the cake. It really does look like a thigh is sticking out of your PC, but it works at the same time.

Here's hoping that KFC decides to bring its Japanese promotion stateside so we can get our hands on these hilarious computer accessories.

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