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The most expensive eBay auctions ever

 #7 - Enzo Ferrari

If you have ever seen an Enzo Ferrari, count yourself lucky. There were only 399 of these hypercars ever made, and one was sold on eBay for $1 million. But don't feel left out. If you've got the cash, there's another one up for sale for only $3.2 million.

enzo ferrari

Image courtesy of Naiyyer / Shutterstock.

 #6 - Honus Wagner baseball/cigarette card

In 1909, a very rare baseball card was issued with a pack of cigarettes featuring the baseball player Johannes Peter "Honus" Wagner, who played 21 seasons almost exclusively for the Pittsburgh Pirates. It's rare because it wasn't an official card, and Wagner objected to the use of his image without his permission, so the card was discontinued. It was sold on eBay in 2000 for $1.1 million plus a 15% buyer's fee, totaling $1.27 million for the most expensive baseball card ever sold at that time.

honus wagner baseball card

Image courtesy of Annex Baseball Blog.

#5 - Einstein's "God Letter"

Albert Einstein wrote a letter to the Jewish philosopher Erik Gutkind, which included Einstein's beliefs that God didn't exist. The letter, which included the stamped and postmarked envelope, was purchased on eBay in 2008 for $404,000. Its latest sale was to an anonymous bidder for $3 million in 2012.


Image courtesy of Wikimedia/ Wikipedia Commons.

#4 - Pristine Action Comics Issue #1

Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1 in 1938, and he's been saving the world ever since. A pristine copy was put up for auction on eBay with a starting bid of $0.99. The copy just sold in August of 2014 for a cool $3.3 million. Take that, Marvel!

Action Comics #1

Image courtesy of Action Comics.
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