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New Apple device buzz, ignites pre-order madness

Judging by the excitement and "sleep outside Apple stores in tents" lines for pre-ordering the much anticipated iPhone6 - it seems the Kingdom of (Steve) Jobs is still reigning. Though Apple continues their usual button-lipped approach to marketing, loyal customers do not seem overly concerned about seeing the new features list in advance.

Despite the fact that the company still has yet to announce the release date, die-hard Apple lovers are lining up early - some estimating up to 18 days in advance to be sure they are the among the first to experience the new design and features first hand. Most expect the much anticipated device to be unveiled at a forthcoming event on September 9.

Recently, Apple sent out invitations that read, "9.9.2014 wish we could say more" to foreshadow the likely launch. If the iPhone6 release moves in lockstep with previous releases, the device should be available by the 19th.

The waiting business

Brian Ceballo arrived on Sunday to ensure his place in line, and with it, the chance to make sure that he would get the exact device he wanted.

And just like that, he was number two in line.

How? Brian decided he would accept a $2,500 offer to step back and allow Moon and Jason Ray the distinction of having pole position in the New York flagship store's purchasing line. That's one way creative way to get your device paid for (and then some).

Whether you choose to bear the elements in a sleeping bag or just prefer to wait until upgrade time with your mobile provider, I certainly hope the new iPhone6 is everything is could be and more. The world just seems right when Apple is leading the world in tech innovation.




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