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Deal of the Day: 26% off USB Humidifier + 76% off laser thermometer

Today's deals are two gadgets that do one of my favorite things. They're something that you never knew that you wanted until they existed. Innovation can be easier at smaller scales.

That's why the gadgets you'll find below are neat. You can't stream media on them, but they might just improve your life a little bit.

Satechi USB Humidifier - $27.99 ($37.99)

All you need to unleash this humidifier is a water bottle and a USB port. While most humidifiers mean filling up a hefty basin, this humidifier is portable and should disperse enough water vapor for a small area.

If you want to carry around a water bottle that could freshen up the space wherever you are, this might just be your solution.

Click here to get the Satechi USB Portable Humidifier v.3.

Nubee Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Gun w/ Laser Sight - $16.98 ($71.99)

Did you ever pull the thermometer trick on your parents? Playing hooky from school would be a lot tougher with a laser-sighted, infrared thermometer that can report body heat from a distance.

And at this price, it seems like the fun-factor of a temperature-taking gun would almost be worth it.

Click here to get the Nubee® Temperature Gun Non-contact Infrared Thermometer w/ Laser Sight.

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