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Deal of the Day: Up to 40% off Logitech peripherals + 40% off computer memory

Labor Day weekend is here! What's everyone doing this weekend? I'm going to be spending time with my son and husband, and I might just end up doing a little shopping, too.

I came across these tech deals while getting ahead of all of the Labor Day deals. You know what else I'll be doing this week? Remembering all of the Labor Days gone by. I've digitized all of my photo albums, video tapes, and old records so that I can hold on to those memories.

That's a big reason why my personal Labor Day deal is all about preserving your memories. I'm taking $20 off my 3-in-1 Flatbed Image Scanner, $40 off my Wireless Photo Scanner and another $20 off of my Mobile Electronics Power Converter. I don't want your memories to get lost in a fire, flood or earthquake.

Click here to check out my store's full list of memory-saving Labor Day deals.

Up to 40% off of Logitech peripherals

Logitech keyboard

If you've ever wanted a reasonably priced wireless mouse, keyboard or some computer audio products - now's your time. You can get:

Logitech is a highly-respected brand. Their products are consistent and their products work for anyone who has a computer. If you're in the keyboard or mouse market, now might just be the time.

Click here to get 40% off of Logitech peripherals.

Up to 40% off Kingston Memory


The first thing that almost any computer guru will tell you to upgrade is RAM. That's because it's the main influence on how much a computer can process at one time. It's also the most powerful way to speed up your PC on the cheap.

Bonus tip: Computer running slow? Check your RAM!

Today's deal includes RAM for many different types of computers, so you'll need to find yours on the list.

Always make sure that your computer supports the type of RAM you're going to buy. A simple Google search will tell you what RAM your computer accepts.

Click here to get up to 40% off of Kingston Memory.

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