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Watch and learn from the seduction-bot flirting with women on dating sites

A creative technologist in New York is trying to get New York singles to fall in love with a chat bot. Schuyler Hunt moved to New York City when he was 28 and, like many people, decided to give the online dating site OK Cupid a try.

OK Cupid has come under fire recently for performing experiments on its users, but this cyber love-hunter decided to come up with an experiment of his own.

Unlike most men on OK Cupid, however, he was blasted by messages. What he noticed, however, was that most of the women weren't actually into him. They were really just looking for the closest possible connection. "“I was thinking: They don’t care,” Hunt told Buzzfeed “They just want somebody.”

Hunt, in a decision that could make him the Don Juan of the digital age, decided to have a robot do it for him. He posted an intentionally bland profile with a picture of his friend, and fed any messages that he received from woman-suitors into the CleverBot chat AI.

This is the one situation, though, where I don't think that robots can work more efficiently than humans. CleverBot can't actually hold a conversation with someone. It looks mostly for keywords and responds with Madlibs-like responses like the one on the next page.

Girl: I must like Scandinavians because one of my favorite people I've met since coming here is Danish. Close enugh? How long have you been here? Gotten the touristy stuff out of the way? :)

CleverBot: Do you think I like Scandinavian food?

Girl: Do I think YOU like Scandinavian food? I think you probably do ;)

If you're wondering if I do, I think so. I went to a Danish restaurant with my friend before she moved back to Denmark and it was pretty good. The infused booze that had was pretty stellar. I didn't think beet liquor could taste so good!

Have you had any Scandinavian food since you've been here?

CleverBot: Yes. We currently have three. But there have been about six different dog.

Girl: Haha what? So confused.

CleverBot: Do you know what it's like to be human?

Girl: Nope. I'm a bear.

CleverBot: Do you have a girlfriend?

Hunt's Tumblr page "Girls Who Date Computers" is full of stories like these. You might want to watch out though, as I'm willing to bet that some of the stories get a little raunchy.

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