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You won't believe what Facebook doesn't show you

You won't believe what Facebook doesn't show you
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If you think everything your friends post on Facebook automatically shows up on your timeline, you're wrong. Facebook actually watches your every move on the website to pick specific pieces of news and information to show you.

Washington Post writer Tim Herrera decided to experiment with his own page and spent over six hours going through his News Feed to see what Facebook thinks he's interested in.

Here’s what I learned about myself: It seems I don’t much care about my hometown or the people in it, I’m far more interested in feminist blogs than I am in technology or sports, I’m still hung up on New York after moving away last spring, and I’m apparently very interested in the goings on of someone I worked with at Pizza Hut when I was 16.

He also found out that a lot of the stuff he was seeing was old. Some posts in his News Feed didn't show up until two days after they were posted.

So, how much of your friend's posts do you actually see? Herrera spent six hours on Facebook looking at his news feed and how much friends actually posted. He found that the News Feed showed about 29% of actual posts from friends and pages he follows.

That means you're probably seeing even less because the average American spends 40 minutes on Facebook a day, not several hours. But, that might not be a bad thing. Facebook has some very complicated - and secretive - algorithms it uses to find out just what you want to see, so it doesn't waste your time with the other stuff.

“News Feed is made by you,” [News Feed product manager Greg] Marra said. “It tries to show the most interesting things possible for you, it’s a very personalized system,” he said, adding, “We try to let users take control.”

One way that Facebook decides what to put in your Feed is by looking at which friends you interact with a lot. So, if you want a certain person's posts to show up more often, try sending them messages and viewing their page more often.

Want to know more about your Facebook page? Click here to find out about tips and tricks you're not using.

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