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Did a Google Street View car kill a dog?

Google has big plans to map the entire globe using every trick at its disposal. It's climbed mountains, gone underwater, and nothing will stand in its way.

Not even a dog, apparently.

In a hopefully-not-true revelation, one of Google's camera cars has posted images of a street in Chile of a dog that has seemingly been run over by the car. You can click here to navigate the streets to see it yourself.

Maybe it's a case of the run-over donkey from last year? Many people claimed that Google showed images of a donkey being hit and then filming its death throes as it lay it the dirt. In fact, the animal had been rolling in the dirt, then got up and moved out of the way for the car to pass.

But this poor pooch may not be so lucky. You can see the image of the cute dog roaming in the street below.

WARNING: Some of these images may be emotionally disturbing. Proceed at your own discretion.

dog in chile 1dog in chile 2

It's common practice for Google to blur out the image of the car taking the Street View photos, so there's a large blur in the next image but no dog in sight. Where did the dog go? Did the car strike the dog?

dog in chile 3

Moving further down the street, you can see the dog lying on the side of the street, with another dog and a resident nearby. But these newcomers don't seem to react to the dog at all.

dog in chile 4

dog in chile 5

There's another image of the dog where it seems to have rolled over. But is it sunbathing or in critical condition?

dog in chile 6

As the car moves away, the dog doesn't seem to be moving anymore. Even moving down to the end of the street and zooming in all the way, the dog doesn't seem to have moved. Google has yet to comment on the situation.

dog in chile 7

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