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It wasn't ALL the awful Comcast guy's fault

It wasn't ALL the awful Comcast guy's fault
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Remember that awful Comcast customer service call that I told you about last month? We might've been a little too harsh on the service rep. He was definitely difficult to work with, but it turns out Comcast doesn't give him a choice.

Current and former Comcast employees spoke up about the retention department, and the truth is pretty annoying. When you want to cancel your account, Comcast's retention department is charged with squeezing you for any amount of money they can before disconnecting your service.

"We locked down the ability for most customer service reps to disconnect accounts," a billing systems manager who worked for Comcast from 2008 to 2013 told The Verge. "We queue the calls for customers looking to disconnect to a retention team who are authorized to give more deeply discounted products to keep subscribers. Even if the subscriber disconnects cable, maybe we can keep them on Internet or voice."

Retention reps actually have a 13-step list they have to follow in order to cancel your account. This includes steps like "Clarify reason for call," "Relate and empathize" and "Overcome objections." Basically, they're trying to gather as much info about you as possible, so they can argue against your reasons for canceling and keep you as a customer.

The call makes a lot more sense now. That doesn't make the guy any less annoying, but at least we know he was just trying to do his job.

This is just another incentive to get rid of cable altogether. If you're thinking about cutting the cord, look at my streaming media player chart to see which one is right for you.

If you're canceling with Comcast, there are a few scenarios when the company considers you a lost cause. According to the Comcast guidelines, your business can't be saved if you're moving in with another Comcast customer, moving to an area not served by Comcast, don't know where you're moving to or the account holder is dead.

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