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Vizio recalls 245,000 TVs

Vizio recalls 245,000 TVs

If you have a Vizio TV, you need to pay attention!

Vizio is recalling thousands of TVs because of a hazardous problem, especially if you have little ones. Apparently, several models of Vizio TVs are at "risk of tip over."

There were over 50 complaints about the faulty TV sets that had a tendency to tip, so Vizio is recalling them to make sure no one is injured or loses a TV.

If you think your Vizio might be one of these tip-prone recalls, check the serial number on the back of your TV and see if it matches the list below.

Vizio recall list

39-inch Vizios:

Model No.E390-B0

  • LAE 8PSBP 4600517 to LAE 8BPSBP 4701297
  • LAE APSBP 500001 to LAE APSBP 4501376
  • LAQ 8PSBP 5000001 to LAQ APSBQ 0804968
  • LAQ APSBP 4400181 to LAQ APSBQ 2201656
  • LAT 8PSBP 4801682 to LAT 8PSBP 5008235
  • LAT APSBP 4800026 to LAT APSBQ 1701656
  • LAU 8PSBP 4600301 to LAU 8PSBP 5100030
  • LAU APSBP 4400001 to LAU APSBQ 1100020

Smart TV Model No. E390i-B0

  • LAE 8PSAP 4600217 to LAE 8PSAP 4800364
  • LAE APSAP 4300237 to LAE APSAP 4401296
  • LAQ 8PSAQ 1500001 to LAQ 8PSAQ 1505973
  • LAQ APSAP 4401657 to LAQ APSAQ 2401656
  • LAT APSAQ 0300001 to LAT APSAQ 1701656
  • LAU 8PSAP 4600001 to LAU 8PSAP 4600216
  • LAU APSAP 4300001 to LAU APSAP 4300216

42-inch Vizios:

Smart TV Model No. E420i-B0

  • LAQ APTAP 5200001 to LAQ APTAQ 2107039
  • LAU APTAP 5000001 to LAU APTAQ 2408327

If you are having trouble finding your TV's serial number, use Vizio's serial number look-up tool at Vizio.com.

What to do next:

If you have one of the recalled TVs, you should call Vizio at 855-472-7450 or email customer care at special.bulletin@vizio.com. You can also chat online with a Vizio representative at chat.vizio.com.

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