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Russian gang stole more than 1 billion names and passwords

3. Sign up for alerts

Hold Security is putting together a free system that lets you find out if your information was in the data breach. While it isn't working right this second, you can sign up and you'll get an alert if it eventually finds anything. You'll need to separately sign up with every email address you want to monitor.

There are other sites that do the same thing. You can also check their databases to see if hackers have your information.

You can also sign up for my special alert and daily news newsletters to make sure you're informed on the latest developments.

4. Keep an eye on your accounts

Of course, no matter what you do you'll need to keep an eye on your accounts. That means watching your credit card and bank statements for unusual activities. Of course, you should be doing that anyway.

Keep an eye on social media for status updates you didn't make, and look at your email's Sent folder for emails you didn't send. Those are good clues someone else is in your account. If that happens, change your password again, or consider starting a new account.



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