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You have to see what one brilliant Israeli soldier did to protect his unit

You have to see what one brilliant Israeli soldier did to protect his unit
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The recent fighting of Israel and Hamas over the Gaza strip has left hundreds of casualties, many of them children, dead or scarred or crippled. Me and my team here at the Kim Komando show send our heartfelt prayers and thoughts out to the victims caught in the crossfire.

Many of the soldiers tasked with peacekeeping and keeping neighborhoods safe from terrorism have fared little better. They are underbudgeted and understaffed to deal with the violence and devastation in some areas, especially the newest units being deployed.

So one Israeli soldier, Tzvi/Todd Wiesel, decided to crowdfund his unit, who was badly in need of supplies and funding. His unit, the 97th Battalion, was low on supplies like flashlights, water packs, knee pads, tourniquets and more.

Todd posted his needs and the unit goal of $20,000 on Tilt, a crowdfunding campaign site like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. He writes:

Due to the recent nature of our brigade, the newest in the army, and our battalion, the newest within the brigade the amount of funds allotted for our gear dwarfs in comparison to that of some of the better known units. I kindly request, in this time of tremendous trouble befalling Am Yisrael and the soldiers who have enlisted to protect it, that you might donate to our unit. This money will go towards buying much needed equipment, such as knee pads, flashlights, waterpacks, tourniquets, bullet proof vests and much more as a means of ensuring the safety and preparedness of the soldiers. I thank you on behalf of myself, my entire unit, and the army as a whole for your contribution.

His crowdfunding campaign was a success, and the unit raised $22, 241.75 to keep their soldiers prepared and in good shape to defend their neighborhoods.

Todd has also promised pictures of the 97th Battalion when their new gear arrives. You can see the campaign page, and the eventual photos, by clicking here.

You know how much I value the sacrifice of our troops here at home. Click here to learn about Operation Komando and how you can help our men and women in service around the world.

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