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Every episode of 'the best TV show of the 20th century' will stream online

Every episode of 'the best TV show of the 20th century' will stream online
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Simpsons fans rejoice! Pretty soon, you'll be able to find everything Simpsons all in one place. FXX has introduced Simpsons World, a digital platform that will give you access to pretty much everything that has to do with the show that ever existed.

Using the website or the app, you'll be able to watch all 25 seasons of the Simpsons whenever you want. But, that's not all.

You’ll be able to search for episodes by themes, quotes, and characters: if you want to watch nothing but Artie Ziff clips, your dream has come true. You can pull up an extensive episode guide and scripts. You can build playlists or have them suggested for you. And most important: you’ll be able to find, snip and share Simpsons clips–currently made scarce by the long arm of copyright law–in social media.

The access to Simpsons clips alone is a big game changer. Right now, it's hard to find those on sites like YouTube because of copyright laws. That's a bummer when you want to send the perfect clip to your friend.

But, it's not all good news for those looking to get away from cable and still hold onto the most popular show of the past 30 years. You will still need a cable subscription to access the service, much like HBO Go.

This could change how we see our favorite shows because you no longer have to tune into one channel to find it.

More seriously, the venture suggests a new kind of future for TV, or at least for certain kinds of entertainments and franchises: one in which truly immersive TV is not just a show but an app, a platform, a medium. TV shows used to be on channels; now something like The Simpsons can be a channel.

So, are you excited to enter Simpsons World? What other shows would you like to see get this sort of treatment?

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