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Microsoft says you should use weaker passwords - sometimes

I've told you a million times how important it is to have a strong but easy-to-remember password for all of your sensitive accounts.

The non-sensitive accounts? Not so much. According to Microsoft, anyway.

The company is urging all users to save complex passwords for the really important accounts, like your bank account.

Why in the world would they suggest something like that?

Researchers claim that if users save their brainpower to remember one or two strong passwords, it's more likely that they will remember them versus remembering strong passwords for every single account a user has.

And that's not all Microsoft is after. The team of researchers also suggests that password managers are a waste of time and also come with their own set of risks.

Once users start storing passwords in the cloud, though, they trade "one set of risks for another." On the one hand, any single password being stolen is less dangerous. But "it introduces severe new risks: if the master password is guessed or used on any malware-infected client, or the cloud store is compromised, then all credentials are lost."

What steps do you need to take? The study says you should recycle easy-to-remember passwords for low-risk sites. This way, you'll have more room in your brain to remember the important ones.

Want to know an awesome trick for creating strong passwords that are easy to remember? Click here for my great tip for creating strong passwords. 

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Source: The Guardian
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