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Dangerous 'Gameover' malware is back

Dangerous 'Gameover' malware is back
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Remember Gameover Zeus? This dangerous virus is back, and Sophos security experts are claiming that the latest iteration of the dangerous botnet is actually a step backwards.

A botnet, to refresh your memory, is a group of computers that hackers have quietly taken over. The hackers take control with a virus, and then use the combined power of the computers to perform large-scale hacks or scams.

If you want to look at it through the lens of a heist movie, a botnet would be the inside man. Hackers use botnets for fraudulent email spam and to boost the search results of malware-infected links.

The most notable usage for the Gameover botnet would probably be the Cryptolocker scam - click here to learn why it's one of the worst things you can get.

Sophos caught on to the origins of the latest botnet based on encryption similarities between the two programs.

What's interesting, though, is that the latest version of Gameover is actually easier to clean up than its predecessor. While the old version required infected users to track down well-hidden files in their computer's registry, getting rid of the latest version is as easy as getting rid of the program file.

The tough part, however, will be tracking down the creators of the Gameover botnet. The hackers can generate about 1,000 new points of entry every day, according to Sophos, and that means they'll be even harder to track.

The best way to stay safe from these threats is by running up-to-date security software. Click here to download some today.

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