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Here's why you might want to let Google take over your life

One of the biggest changes Google is making in the upcoming Android L is called Material Design. It rethinks not only how Android looks, but how it feels to use. Google wants to make Android seem more real.

To do this, Google starts with the idea that the physical world has rules. You knock an object off a table and it hits the ground. Hold an object over another one and it casts a shadow.

Google's Material Design is attempting to blend real world know-how into computer interfaces.

Every app or tool built under the Material Design umbrella has weight and placement to it. Your smartphone's calendar will cast a shadow on top of your contact list below. When you move menus around, it feels like you're really moving them. And everything you do is animated, so you have the visual cues you need to know what is going on.

Google is going to use Material Design for its wearable technology, in-car sync and the everyday online browsing experience.

So yes, Google is actually trying to take over your digital life through a catch-all interface that anyone can understand.

“When you make things, you inherit thousands of years of expertise. But software design is just getting started,” [Google Search Design Lead] John Wiley had explained earlier. “We took a step back. We looked at all of the software and asked, what is this made of?”

While I don't like the idea of one company have total control, the idea that the digital world and physical world will be seamless is tempting. What do you think?

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