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Soon you could log into your accounts by recognizing obscure celebrities

Do you have a favorite pool player? Probably not. Would you recognize a pool player in a 3-by-3 line-up of faces?

No way.

That's why researchers at the University of York and Glasgow just finished a study on a new kind of facial identification based on our ability to recognize Z-list celebrities. The trick could be used for passwords using the faces of obscure celebrities.

A good password is about increasing the number of combinations that a hacker would have to attempt before unlocking your account.

The key to this idea is that the faces that you're able to identify are unique to your hobbies. Comedy buffs would be able to pick the obscurest of the obscure comics, and every niche could be accounted for.

There's one glaring problem with this system, and it's that people love to discuss their hobbies online. If a hacker knows who they're targeting, then they've  already compiled a list of the aliases used by their target online.

Want to get yourself out of a hacker's crosshairs? Here's how to remove yourself from Google's search results.

A hacker would probably be able to discover their interests, search up prominent figures in whatever niche they've chosen, and break into their account.

There's a way around this flaw, I'm sure. Maybe something like celebrity facial recognition combination locks to unlock your password screen?

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Source: NYMag
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