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Google Glass can swipe your PIN just by looking at it

Google Glass is in the hot seat once again and it's saved the seat next to it for Samsung's smart watch.

This time, the complaint is that Google Glass users, as well as those who have a Samsung smart watch, an iPhone, or a basic webcam, can steal your ATM passcodes simply by standing at least 10 feet away and up to 150 feet away from a person entering the code.

As if ATM skimmers weren't enough to worry about.

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Lowell created software which used a special coded video recognition algorithm to track finger movements and hand gestures to identify what numbers are being punched without even seeing the keypad itself.

[Computer science professor at UMass Lowell, Xinwen] Fu and his students tested a variety of video-enabled devices including Glass, an iPhone 5 camera, and a $72 Logitech webcam. They used Glass to spot a four-digit PIN from three meters away with 83 percent accuracy — and greater than 90 percent with some manual correction of errors. Webcam video revealed the code 92 percent of the time. And the iPhone’s sharper camera caught the code in every case. The researchers have tested the Samsung smartwatch just a few times, but it caught the target PIN about as often as Glass.

Fu plans to formally present these findings at the Black Hat security conference in August.

It's an alarming finding, especially after Google attempted to dispel myths surrounding Google Glass, including" "Glass is the perfect surveillance device" and "Glass marks the end of privacy." Click here to read more on the Top 10 Google Glass Myths Google wants to set the record straight about. 

In fact, Bill Gates has even chimed in on the subject and has patented technology that will prevent the glasses from taking "intruding" videos or photos - for instance photos of ATM machines that could reveal personal information. Click here to read more on that. 

What does this mean for you? Will you be forced to change your habits at the ATM? Let me know what you think by posting in the comments below.

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