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New York bans tiger selfies

New York bans tiger selfies
Tinder Guys with Tigers

People have just about had it with ridiculous selfies.

You've seen the horrible faux pas selfies at funerals, selfies in space and the almost-selfie that made a kid rich. These selfies are out of control, and now the state of New York is cracking down on one of the most ridiculous selfies I've ever seen.

New York is now banning selfies with tigers. Yes, real live tigers. It has been wildly popular for men to pose with tigers and post them to Tinder, probably thinking they'll land a date.

Apparently, the phenomenon is so common that Tumblr started up an entire blog dedicated to it, called "Tinder Guys with Tigers."

But due to the number of incidents and to protect the animals, New York has decreed that people are no longer allowed to take selfies with the big cats while patting, hugging or otherwise touching them.

"Manhattan Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, who introduced the legislation, says the bill is targeted at traveling circuses and fairs, which invite patrons to get up close and personal with the big cats. Rosenthal says the bill is intended to protect both the tigers themselves and humans, as there have been seven incidents involving a tiger at a New York state fair in the past fifteen years.

“They can still pose with bears and monkeys,” Rosenthal recently told the New York Post. “They just have to take tigers off their list.” Violators of the new law will face a $500 fine."

You really have to see some of these crazy selfies to believe it. The last one is my favorite.

tinder guys with tigers screenshot3 tinder guys with tigers screenshot2

tinder guys with tigers screenshot4

You know that tiger is a stuffed animal, right?

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Source: Daily Dot
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