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10 pictures that will make you want a smart watch

10 pictures that will make you want a smart watch
Moto 360

Wearable tech is rolling out in new designs all the time, and Motorola is no exception. From clothes to accessories, wearable tech is definitely the future of tech design.

The Moto 360 design contest has ended, and now the company is showing the Top 10 Face-Off finalists. These designs will make you want your own custom smart watch from Motorola, I know I do.

These designs are all so imaginative. I'm really looking forward to seeing these in action.

Click the pictures for larger images. (All images are property of the creators and Motorola.)

The first smart watch design comes from Paul Stringer.

"A car speedometer style watch face with the Hours on the outside and Minutes and Seconds on the inside. When the Second hand gets to the end it flys back to the beginning (very much like a tachometer). The Minute and Hour hands also do this when reach the end of their respective gauges. It also includes the AM/PM Indicator, Time in a digital format and then date."

Moto 360 Product Template - SPEEDO

Finalist number two is Jason Wang.

"A last minute revision of my previous submission, because it's just so much fun brainstorming! Same ideas as before: themed, but only subtlety so; analog fun, but still purely digital. Again, the face bears a passing resemblance to an old radar, but only in aesthetic, as functionally it's very distinct. The smaller arc on top represents the hour, and the larger arc below represents the minute. As arcs, they can be read easily at a glance from any angle. A second hand sweeps over them."


Finalist number three is Jose Azua.

"ANGLES | 360 #Moto360 
(Compass & Timer app addition)
sorry guys added last minute compass face"


Finalist number four is Pawel Hanusowski.

"Radio like readout for the Month and Date accompanied by some red accents."

Moto 360 Product 5 Pawel H

Finalist number five is Tyler Allicock.

"Another last minute one...

"The whole 60 seconds are spread over the top half. When it comes to the real estate, as the title suggests, this was a last minute entry that I designed in all of 10 minutes that I put little thought into to be honest. Generally was going for a less busy face in a style I hadn't seen submitted yet. "


Finalist number six is Will Rodriguez.

"This disc design concept takes a modern approach to showing the time. Minutes are shown through the larger disc in the background (which can be color customized) and the hour is shown through the foreground disc. It also displays notification icons for sms, email and health alerts as well as a basic weather widget."

will rodriguez

Finalist number seven is Dave McCarthy.

"A scarcity nowdays, very few manufacturers have seemed to get the smart-watch design quite right. With the Moto360, Motorola decided to take a very classy, and minimalistic approach, so I decided to do the same. Keeping it feeling truly like a watch, the only things on it are the time, date, and a battery indicator. Hope you all like it!"

Moto360 Concept

Finalist number eight is David Pascual.

"Displays calendar events, allows for user defined notification widgets, and provides status information for basic watch functions (charging, alarm, bluetooth, and wifi connection.)"


Finalist number nine is Aramis Negron.

"Simple, new and easy to read. Strongly believe that each widget should have the entire canvas to portray its information."


Finalist number ten is Layton Diament.

"My 'Vanishing Hour' watch face concept. As the minute hand makes its way around, the hour is dimmed while revealing the minute marks."

vanishing hour2

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