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Facebook's new Slingshot app: it's Snapchat with one weird difference

Picture messaging has been around for years, but Snapchat popularized the concept of a temporary message.

What’s so great about temporary picture messaging? Mostly the teen market. Today’s teens have grown up with cameras attached to their gadgets and a love of sharing.

Unfortunately, they often share things they shouldn't. Temporary picture messaging means that no one can save these images to use against them later.

Note: Sending compromising pictures is always bad idea. You can still take a screenshot of a Snapchat to save the picture. Be sure the teens in your life know about the dangers of this loophole.

Teens have been slipping away from Facebook, so the company is trying to keep them. When Facebook failed to buy Snapchat for $3 billion, it developed the new Slingshot app instead.

Facebook’s new mobile messaging app is similar to Snapchat. Slingshot stands out by requiring you to reply to a message before you’ll be able to open the message.

So if you were to send your friend a message, they’d have to send you their reply before reading what you sent.

Slingshot — now available on the iOS app store and Android Marketplace — is an attempt to emulate the feeling of writing a letter. Instant messages are easy to ignore, so the app makes you earn the right to open them.

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