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The revenge of the 'Bitcoin Jesus'

The revenge of the 'Bitcoin Jesus'
Roger Ver

Who is "Bitcoin Jesus?"

His name is Roger Ver. He's an entrepreneur and philanthropist most well-known for his advocacy and evangelism of Bitcoin. He believes the whole world will be using the unregulated, international digital cryptocurrency before too long - and he's working to make it happen.

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Ver is also called the "Bitcoin Jesus" because he's given away thousands of bitcoins for free. On the Internet, he's something of a folk hero and a very popular - if controversial - figure.

That's why, when one enterprising hacker tried to wrangle some of that charity for himself, he didn't know who he was messing with. Here's what happened:

Last week, Roger Ver – an American-born ex-pat living in Japan who’s long been at the heart of the worldwide bitcoin community – was contacted by a hacker who had seized control of his old Hotmail account and used it to nab his Social Security number, passport number, and other personal information. The hacker threatened to exploit this information unless Ver forked over about 37 bitcoins, the equivalent of $20,000. But then Ver used the same number of bitcoins to put out a bounty on the hacker, and this instantly transformed the brazen cyber criminal into a penitent stooge.

It didn't take long for the global community of hackers to track down the alleged hacker's supposed identity. You can see the timeline for yourself on Ver's Facebook bounty post:

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Source: Wired
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