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The moon has faster Wi-Fi than you

So you can't get a decent Wi-Fi signal on the other side of your house? Wait until you find out who has it better off than you.

Scientists have demonstrated that it's possible to beam a wireless Internet signal all the way to the moon - that's 238,900 miles!

Theoretically, that means that any astronauts or scientists stationed on the moon in the next decade or so could beam back data and selfies just like they were in the next room.

Four telescopes based in New Mexico sent an uplink signal to a receiver on a satellite orbiting the moon. Each telescope, about 6 inches in diameter, uses a laser transmitter to beam information in pulses of infrared light.

That way, at least one of the telescope signals will reach the moon after they deal with the distortion from the Earth's atmosphere.

It turns out that Wi-Fi on the moon is pretty zippy, too.

And if you’re fixing to binge on Netflix on the moon, the connection isn’t too bad, either. Scientists managed to send data from Earth to the moon at a rate of 19.44 megabits per second — on par with slower broadband speeds — and could download information from the moon at a rate of whopping 622 megabits per second. According to Wired UK, that’s over 4,000 times faster than current radio transmission speeds.

You can have fast Internet, too, and you don't have to make a lunar landing for it. Find out if you're about to get lightning-fast Internet through Google Fiber, AT&T or Cox.

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