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Facebook's new expanded privacy

Facebook's new expanded privacy

It's not every day I get to tell you about how Facebook is actually doing something good to protect your privacy. It's one of the worst offenders.

Recently, things in Facebook privacy-land got a little bit better. There are two new features in Facebook that will help keep your personal data private online. Since they did not tell you about them, let me.

One of the new features is called Privacy Checkup, and it's basically that weird "Privacy Dinosaur" I told you Facebook was working on back in March. Note: This is a great reason to keep Komando.com as your home page. I let you in on tips when I learn them!

Let me tell you a bit about Privacy Checkup and then the other new feature.

Facebook privacy checkup

Here's how it works:

Privacy Checkup is basically a helper that can make you more aware of how much information you're sharing and who you're sharing it with. It will walk you through your privacy settings so you can have better awareness and control of your posts and data.

In addition, the new default setting is limited to friends. Before, you would share with everyone and anyone by default. Now, it's just friends. This only applies to new users - the Privacy Checkup will help you select who you want to share with.

In the last few months, Facebook has been trying to lose its bad reputation when it comes to privacy. New features like these and Anonymous Login definitely help out, but the bottom line is that Facebook profits off your personal information and it will always be looking to collect more of it. Click here to check out a creepy new feature that will do just that.


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