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She found her birth mom on Facebook - after only 15 minutes

She found her birth mom on Facebook - after only 15 minutes
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Back in 1991, shortly after joining the Army, Colette Brasseur found out she was pregnant. She knew she couldn't afford take care of her child, so she decided to have an open adoption.

Brasseur's daughter Natalie was adopted by the Baders, who kept in touch with Brasseur until the adoption agency closed four years after the adoption. That meant Brasseur wouldn't be getting photos or letters anymore as a condition of the open adoption.

At 23 years old, Natalie read the letters Colette had sent before they lost contact, igniting Natalie's desire to find her birth mother.

“When you’re adopted and don’t know your biological family, there’s a big question mark of who you are and where you came from," she said.

Armed with basic information provided in the letters, Natalie went online. Within just 15 minutes, she found her mother Colette and her 21-year-old brother Peyton on Facebook.

A friend request was sent to both Colette and Peyton, but Colette didn't respond until Peyton had accepted the friend request and told her what was going on.

When she received Bader's friend request and saw that they [Natalie and Peyton] had attended the same high school in Pennsylvania, she wondered how she knew her. “Ironically, my first thought was that she looks familiar — I must know her parents,” Brasseur recalled.

She didn’t accept the friend request, but Peyton did. He told his mother that someone had contacted him and claimed that they were siblings, and that his mom had given her up for adoption.

Seemingly, all is well now. Brasseur and Natalie talk every day and have started to get to know each other better, and it's all thanks to Facebook.

 “Graduation and birthdays and holidays, because of the timeline, I was there,” she said. “All the pictures that I didn’t get from the [adoption] agency that I was promised, I got from Facebook.”

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