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Ultra-HD 4K Netflix is here! Too bad you probably won't be able to watch it

Great news for owners of ultra-HD televisions! Netflix has begun offering select programming in 4K. But before you start planning the parade, there are three humongous catches.

Even if you have an expensive 4K TV, unless it's brand new, you likely won't have the necessary decoder to view Netflix in 4K. BBC News reports:

Most 4K televisions purchased before this year lack the H.265/HEVC decoder required to stream Netflix's ultra-HD service.

On top of that, streaming 4K television demands beastly Internet speed - at least 15.6 Mbps on average. What's the average Web speed for homes in the U.S.? 7.7 Mbps - less than half.

Lastly, your initial selection will be limited. Only "House of Cards" and select nature documentaries will be presented in 4K. So, we're talking almost nothing. Still, it's a first step, and I fully expect Netflix's 4K selection to become more and more robust as time goes by.

Click here to read more from BBC News.


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