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Now Yahoo is getting into television!

Now Yahoo is getting into television!

It's getting mighty crowded out there. First we had 100 channels, then 500.

Then Netflix and Amazon got into the act, commissioning their own high-end TV series to compete with HBO, AMC and the like.

And now Yahoo is getting into the mix. It's a plan by the company's high-profile CEO, Marissa Mayer, to get the company some buzz and clout with a Web-only video series.

Reports the Wall Street Journal:

Yahoo is raising its ambitions in online video, with plans to acquire the kind of programming that typically winds up on high-end cable TV networks or streaming services like Netflix ...

The company is close to ordering four Web series, the people briefed on Yahoo’s plans say.

Here's what Yahoo has to contend with, however:

But, by aiming higher than typical Web original series, Yahoo is also entered a crowded market for top level TV series. Beside the vast array of cable outlets competing for the type of shows Ms. Mayer is looking to acquire, a slew of deep pocketed newer entrants are snapping up expensive TV series, including Netflix, Amazon, and most recently Sony.

That's all true. (You can read the whole story here.)

Here's an angle the Journal doesn't get into:

All of these companies going into battle is a great thing for us consumers. It's great for TV producers, writers and actors, too.

It turns out there's a big audience out there for quality TV. (Sometimes it's hard to keep up with it all!)

Meanwhile, the entry of Yahoo, an Internet powerhouse with a lot of marketing bucks to play with, is another step toward the end of TV as we know it. The more quality programming there is on the Web, outside of those outrageously high cable bills, the more folks will be tempted to "cut the cord."

Here, by the way, is my analysis of why your cable bill is so high and what you can do about it.

Check out this as well: Four secrets to save big on your cable bill.



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