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Grandma's Instagram goes viral

Grandma's Instagram goes viral

Some of you may not get what Instagram and Twitter are all about, but this adorable Grandmother does!

Grandma Betty, age 80, was diagnosed with lung cancer back in December. And she's become an instant sensation on Instagram and Twitter.

She goes by the name grandmabetty33, and right now she has over 380,000 followers. You won't believe how adorably feisty she is!

Belden explains, "Before grade school, I didn't have a babysitter. I had my grandma. We're so undeniably close, and I would hate to lose her. She thinks the same of me and my family -- she tells us every day."

But sometimes she just sticks out her tongue.

Like she did when she was visiting the "cancer doctor" and was eating blue candy. You could tell. It was definitely blue.

Belden admits, "Grandma loves Instagram arguably even more than I do. It gives her something to look forward to. You never know what you're gonna get with her."

CNN has the rest of this heartwarming story. 

You can check out grandmabetty33's Instagram account here.

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