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The End of Windows XP: The commenters speak out!

The End of Windows XP: The commenters speak out!

Boy are my comments sections fired up about the demise of Windows XP!

Here's someone who spoke for a lot of people:

Alexis Jones: if anyone has wondered why Bill Gates is the world's wealthiest man --- this is one reason --- and it's nothing short of robbery

Now Alexis, that's a fair point, but it's really half the story. XP was released almost 15 years ago. Should Microsoft keep protecting its customers against viruses and the like? Yes. But let's face it, it has to end at some point. Ten or 15 years is a good long time to have a computer. And like I said, if you're using your XP to buy stuff online, you're going to be increasingly vulnerable to attacks after April 8.

I have a full explanation of the issues here: Windows XP: It’s time to say good-bye

Here's someone who's really steamed, and considering legal action:

Vincent Landolina: Kim, you're supporting this decision of Microsoft; what you need to be saying is that people who have paid hard earned money should continue to get support for the program and we should be filing law suits against Microsoft.

Here's another strong comment:

Daniel Saxton: I think that forcing consumers to upgrade their operating systems or buy new computers is just plain wrong. I concur with all the comments out there that says, "if we like our operating system, we want to keep our operating system, and should be able to do just that." Heck, I have a program that was built around Windows 98. There is nothing like it today, and yes, I keep an old Windows 98 computer sitting in the corner, fully functional, so I can run that program. It's the best damn BASIC photo editing program I've ever seen. Let us keep what we want, and continue support for it. I am sure there are enough "gotta have the latest and the greatest" geeks out there to keep Microsoft in business.

And Mike Lanners points out there are others costs involved, too:

Mike Lanners: It's not just the change in operating system that is the problem...What about the loss of use of your scanner or printer because they are not supported? …. It's not just Microsoft though... device companies must be happy because, with lack of support from MS, they get to sell new equipment. At the risk of sounding 'old', it seems to look like they are in 'Cahoots' with each other. As far as someone looking for a reason to sue, the government has guidelines, based on percentage of customers, for handling what could be considered a monopoly business. The only way that I can see, is for someone to create a program or app, that would make things 'Backward compatible", a 'Rosetta stone' for operating systems. Maybe even a breakout box, that allows you to use a current OS, then converts it to the acceptable standard after it leaves their computer, and before it is actually transmitted. It would have to work both ways, of course.

Another commenter, Cris Carpenter, cut me to the quick!

Cris Carpenter It sure sounds like you are getting a kickback from Microsoft. The truth is, we haven't needed Microsoft's "support" for XP for years now. The "updates" Microsoft has pushed out for XP in the last at least two years have, in reality, done nothing to enhance functionality or security of the operating system, despite update labels like "critical' or "security". Many people have had their automatic updates for XP shut off for a long time without problems and the real work in terms of "securing" XP is all being done by third party companies like Norton. Your XP computer will not stop working after Microsoft shuts off support for it, nor is a Vista or Windows 7 computer going to be inherently more secure (the jury is still out on 8).

Cris, I appreciate your comment, but I have to disagree. Of course I don't get kickbacks from computer manufacturers. The fact is that there's a big base of XP users out there, and by definition they are basic computer users, not geeks. Once support from Microsoft ends, there are going to be hackers out there specifically preying on the remaining XP user base. We have to face facts and help protect those folks.

In fact, if any of you have a friend or relative still using XP - and if they use that computer for online purchases - it would be a truly nice gesture to get them set up with an alternative.

Here's a good guide: The best cheap computer or tablet to replace Windows XP

Dawn Treader makes another strong point:

Dawn Treader: I really enjoy your column and your emails. I have been receiving them since 1995. So I am a fan. As for Win XP no longer working I think it is a sad day since Microsoft has not given us a decent OS to trade it for. Don't get me wrong I have systems running Vista and Windows 7 but I just do not like the new formats. I drank the Kool-Aid on Windows 8 ads and since my systems complied with the advertised requirements I bought the OS. Well the ads were extremely misleading because it is the bios specification that is key to being able to load Windows 8 on a machine not the RAM or the CPU. So I put Windows XP back on the system and ate the cost of the Windows 8 OS. Also I love my MAC but I do not want my PC OS to work like it.

And finally, here's a pithy hard truth:

Rick Rendon: XP guys is 13-14 years old.... Get over it. Move on.


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