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This racy Facebook video isn't what it seems - avoid it!

This racy Facebook video isn't what it seems - avoid it!

There's a new scandalous video link going around Facebook that you might see in the coming days. Naturally, if you click it, it will take you to a site that tries to install a virus on your computer.

What makes this video link interesting is how it hooks you. And it seems to be effective since 2 million people have already been infected.

So, what does it say? It promises to show one of your Facebook friends - the link pulls a random name - naked.


Whether you want to see your friend naked (I know you wouldn't do that), or you're just checking it out so you can warn your friend, don't click.

If you click, you'll go to a site that looks exactly like YouTube. As soon as you arrive, the site will start looking for weaknesses in your browser to try and slip a virus through.

If that wasn't enough, it will show you an error message saying that the Adobe Flash Player has crashed. To continue watching, you need to download an update. Of course, if you download and run the file, it's really another virus.

Even if you don't fall for the "naked video" part, this is a popular hacker tactic, so you should know how to defend yourself.

1. Don't click on suspicious links/download unverified files

Obviously, you should use common sense before clicking on any link online or running any downloads. Is the person posting it trustworthy? Does what it is offering seem too good to be true? Where did the file come from?

In the above scam, it's very well done, so you can't tell it's a fake until you're infected. Still, if you see that a browser or browser plug-in needs updating, go get the update from the developer. Don't just click on a popup and trust it's the right thing.

In this case, you can download the latest version of Adobe Flash here.

2. Keep your browser updated

Old browsers can have security flaws that leave you vulnerable if you land on a malicious website. Be sure to keep your browser updated so it has the latest security.

Click here to see if your browser is out of date.

3. Install security software

Security software can block a lot of malicious programs from running. Having it installed can keep a little mistake from turning into a disaster.

Click here for free security software.

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