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How to access iPhone’s secret magnifying glass mode

iPhone owners, did you know that you have a handy magnifying glass right there in your pocket or purse at all times? With just a few button presses, it’s easily accessible and it can definitely help you out in a pinch.

Yep, introduced in iOS 10, Apple added a cool Magnifier mode on iPhones. It’s surprisingly handy for reading tiny print on labels and examining minute details on objects.

Here’s how you activate this “secret” Magnifier mode on your iPhone.

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Activate your iPhone’s Magnifier

Go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Magnifier. From there you will slide the toggle to the right to enable this feature.


To use the magnifying glass feature, triple-tap the Home button and the camera will open already in magnifying mode.

There are a bunch of settings you can tweak while on Magnifier mode.

To zoom in or out, you will see a yellow button that you can slide left or right to make whatever the camera is pointing at smaller or larger.

If you need a little bit of illumination, turn on the flashlight by tapping the “lightning bolt” icon in the bottom-left corner.

To adjust the magnifier’s focus, tap on the viewfinder screen to the area you want to focus on. Lock the focus point by tapping the “padlock” icon.

To freeze the image, tap the big circle on the bottom part of the screen (it looks like the shutter button on your iPhone’s camera app). You can then zoom in and out of this freeze frame. To exit freeze frame mode, just tap the big circle again.

Note that freezing a frame does not save the image to your iPhone’s Camera Roll. To save the image, you will have to take a screenshot.

You can adjust the contrast/brightness and apply different color filters while in the Magnifier. To do this, tap the three circle “Filter” icon located at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Color filters include White/blue, Yellow/blue, Grayscale, Yellow/black and Red/black.

Color filters include White/blue, Yellow/blue, Grayscale, Yellow/black and Red/black.

While still on the Filters screen, try this for interesting an effect – invert the colors by tapping that little circular icon on the bottom left. These filters and effects are not just creative and fun, they have practical uses too. We found that depending on the lighting, text can be made more legible by adding a filter or inverting the colors.

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