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Your emails may soon self-destruct

Do you have Gmail as your primary email address? There’s a good chance that you do.

That’s because there are more than 1 billion active monthly Gmail users. Up from just over 420 million users just six years ago. Impressive!

Even if you already love Gmail, you’re probably going to like it more soon. Google is coming out with a massive update for Gmail in the coming weeks and it’s going to have some cool new features.

It’s time to get excited about Gmail

In the very near future, Google will be rolling out a new design for Gmail. It’s going to be packed full of new features but one, in particular, has caught our eye.

There will now be a Confidential Mode. This will allow Gmail users block recipients from forwarding certain emails. It will also stop recipients from being able to copy, download, or print the email.

If the message is super sensitive, the sender can require a password to open the email. The password will be generated via SMS. The recipient won’t see the message inside the email, instead, they will need to click a link that goes to the message after the password is entered.

Businesses might be especially interested in this feature as it will give them more control over how sent emails are used. However, people will still be able to take a screenshot of the message if they want a copy for their records.

There’s even a self-destruct option for emails sent in Confidential Mode. It won’t actually explode Mission Impossible style. Instead, senders can set an expiration date that the message will no longer be available after.

Image: Example of Gmail Confidential Mode (Source: Techcrunch)

Google is still working on the Gmail makeover so details are slim at this point. Other features that are rumored to be on the way include the option to snooze emails until a later time, quick email replies, and a sidebar that you can use to place calendar appointments side by side with messages.

All-in-all it sounds like some exciting things are on the way for Gmail users. Keep checking in with our Happening Now section for more details when we get them.

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