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You’ll love what this daycare told parents about tech

Have you noticed any negative effects that smartphones have had on you or your family? Phone walking and eye strain are just a few of the physical ailments. Shorter attention spans and diminished social skills can be some of the psychological effects.

In some cases, the effect on relationships is so bad that people pay more attention to their screens than their loved ones. One daycare in Texas has had enough. They’ve seen too many children being ignored because parents are on their phones. They posted this sign where every parent could see it.

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Juliana Farris Mazurkewicz, a parent who has children that attend that daycare, wholeheartedly agreed with the message.  She posted a photo of the sign to Facebook last Friday and since then it has been shared over 1.2 million times, has nearly 100,000 likes and over 9,000 comments.

But not everyone agreed with the sentiment, one comment stated: “this is rude in my opinion. yes the child is important but some mothers have other things that are going on that just pick up their child.. it is not like that child isnt loved because mommy doesnt freak out everyday when they see them”

However, this rebuttal to that comment supports the daycare’s sign: “Huge, huge AMEN to this, how many minutes does it take to say hi to your child and hug them etc. The parent is not freaking out when they see them they just need to PAY A BIT OF ATTENTION to them when they first see them.”

Megan Zander, a writer for “Scary Mommy” wrote an entire rebuttal piece. She starts her blog post by saying:

Parents are busy all the time, but that manic time of day when you’re picking the kids up can be particularly stressful. You’re thinking ahead to what you can make for dinner, deciding if you need to stop at the store, and trying to wrap up whatever loose ends you left back at work. This is why cell phones are awesome, because they let you send off that quick email to your boss about tomorrow’s meeting before you completely forget about it. But one Texas daycare doesn’t give a crap about your career or responsibilities outside of being a mom, and their mom-shaming sign about cell phone use proves it.

What do you think? Have you seen parents spending too much time on smartphones instead of paying attention to their children?  Is it OK as long as the parent is using the phone for work and not social activities? Or maybe you think it doesn’t concern you and to each their own. Let me know how you feel in the comments section below.

P.S. If smartphone use is negatively affecting your relationships and other areas of your life, then you may have a digital addiction. The links below may help you decide if you should seek professional help.

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