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You have to try Facebook’s new camera features!

It seems like Facebook is always coming out with fun photo features. You can do photo collages to share with friends, GIFs in Facebook Messenger, and live video. That’s in addition to all the other fun things Facebook offers.

If that isn’t enough, Facebook is updating its camera feature again. You won’t believe all the new things you’ll be able to start doing immediately!

New GIF feature

You’ll now be able to create GIFs using your camera app on Facebook and be able to add filters to live broadcasts. Unlike many recent updates Facebook has done, the latest ones aren’t copying anything Snapchat is doing. They’re just updates to the Facebook camera app that launched in March.

In case you haven’t used the Facebook camera yet, to access, just open the Facebook app and swipe across the screen from left to right. Tapping the GIF button in the top-right of the screen allows you to create and record two-second GIFs. (Note: If you don’t see the GIF feature yet, don’t worry, it should be in your next Facebook App update.)

New filters

As far as the new filters, you can show some creativity by dressing yourself up as a specific character or do goofy things to your face by overlaying fun effects. All you need to do is toggle through the different filters by finding the options at the bottom of the screen and tapping on them. There are even animation options for your face!

Tip within a tip: Facebook doesn’t strike gold every time. Sometimes its new features are downright annoying. If auto-play videos are driving you crazy each time you check your News Feed, click here and we’ll show you how to turn them off.

Sharing posts

After you’ve had fun creating new GIFs and adding filters, you can now share those text posts in your feed with either stories or direct messages to your friends. You can do this as a regular post, adding text and then picking the background. Then start sharing!

You actually have a few options when it comes to sharing. If you choose Post, your photo or video will be shared with your selected friend. If you choose My Story, your latest creation will be added to your story on Facebook. You have a choice of a private or public setting. You also have the option of sending directly to a friend who’ll be able to view it in the Direct section of the Facebook app.

If you choose to go Live, you have a couple of options. Your live video will automatically be available in your story on Facebook and shared with your selected friends. You can also choose to share only in your story by tapping on Post & Story before clicking the video tab. 

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