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WWDC 2017: Apple unveils new iPads, Macs, HomePod and more

Apple took the tech limelight once again as its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) kicked off June 5 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California.

WWDC is where the tech giant presents its latest updates to the operating systems running across all of its product lines. It is also a venue for its unveiling of new hardware and services that are on the horizon. It will truly be another exciting week not just for Apple fans but for technology aficionados in general.

We expected big hardware and software announcements from the tech giant- new Macs, new iPads, a new 4K Apple TV, the unveiling of the Siri smart speaker and updates to iOS, macOS, AppleTV, and watchOS.

We did a blow-by-blow live blog of Apple’s big event as it happened.

Note: You can catch the official live stream of the event at Apple’s WWDC 2017 event page. The video requires:

  •  An iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch with iOS 7.0 or later
  • A Mac computer with Safari 6.0.5 or later and OS X v 10.8.5 or later
  • A 4th gen Apple TV or 2nd/3rd gen Apple TV with software 6.2 or later
  • A Windows PC with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

WWDC 2017 Liveblog


12:26: And that’s it! Whew! That was a lengthy WWDC, running about 2.5 half hours. No iPhone 8 sneak peek as expected but Apple covered a lot of ground today with its new software and hardware offerings.


12:23: Tim Cook is back on stage, finally wrapping up the event.

12:21: HomePod will be priced at $349. Will come in two colors: Space Gray and White. Starts shipping in December.

12:19: Similar to other smart speakers, Siri on HomePod can answer questions, do news updates, set timers and reminders and control a smart home via HomeKit.

12:17: Siri will now act as “musicologist” on the HomePod, answering any music-related questions.

12:16: Two HomePods can work simultaneously for virtual surround sound.

12:15: With spatial awareness and audio beam-forming, HomePod automatically detects the size and dimensions of a room and adjust its sound.

12:14: HomePod will have a 7-speaker array, 4-inch woofer, audio beam-forming and an A8 chip.

12:13: Introducing Apple’s “HomePod” speaker.

12:11: Yep. It’s a “breakthrough home speaker.”

12:10: “Reinvent Home Music.”

12:10: Cook is talking about Apple Music. Maybe we’ll get the new Siri Speaker now?

12:08: It’s time for this “ONE LAST THING!”

12:07: Tim Cook back onstage introducing an iPad video montage.

12:06: Craig is back stating that iOS 11 developer beta will be available at the end of the month. That’s it for iOS 11.

12:02: Toby Patterson will now demo the new Apple Pencil features: Notes, Spotlight search, document scanning, screenshot editing and sharing.

12:02: Notes now has a built-in document scanner.

12:00: New features are coming to the Apple Pencil – continuous markups and screenshots from Safari. Everything you can print from the iPad you can markup.

11:58: With “Files,” tons of new desktop-style file management features are coming to the iPad Pro.

11:56: The new “Files” app is finally announced.

11:53: Major redesign for iOS 11 on iPad including a new app dock and switcher. iPad will also get drag and drop.

11:52: 10.5-inch starts at $649, 12.9-inch at $799.

11:52: New 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros will now start with 64GB storage (up to 512GB).

11:51: New iPad Pro has same 12MP rear camera iOS and 7MP selfie camera.

11:51: New iPad Pro still has 10-hour battery.

11:50: Affinity Photo for iPad is now available.

11:48: iPad Pro’s new capabilities are demoed with a photo-editing app. Impressive performance.

11:46: New iPad Pros will have faster A10X Fusion chips which are 30 percent faster than A9X.

11:45: New iPad Pros will also have a higher 120 HZ refresh rate dubbed as “ProMotion.”

11:44: New iPad Pro displays come with improved features: True Tone display, wide color gamut, low reflectivity, 600 nits of brightness (50 percent brighter), HDR video.

11:43: Rumors are spot on. New iPad Pro has smaller bezels. It also allows a full-size on-screen or external smart cover keyboard.

11:41: Greg Joswiak is talking about the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

11:40: Next up. Tim Cook is back talking about the iPad!

11:37: Wingnut AR demos the new ARKit capabilities with a new AR video game using Unreal Engine. Looks fantastic!

11:36: ARKit will be used on the new Pokemon Go.

11:33: Apple has a new Augmented Reality Kit for iOS 11 (ARKit). This will be “the largest AR platform in the world.”

11:32: Machine Learning API is called Core ML.

11:31: Metal 2, HEVC and Machine Learning is coming to iOS 11, too.

11:30: Games and Apps tabs will have a wealth of detailed content like videos and reviews.

11:28: Today tab will have App of the Day, Game of the day and a Daily List.

11:26: Demo of the new App Store.

11:25: New App Store tabs “Games” and “Apps” are coming too.

11:24: Complete App Store redesign with a new tab called “Today” for app discovery.

11:23: Faster app review times, phased app releases.

11:22: Phil Schiller is back on stage talking about the App Store.

11:21: MusicKit for Apple Music for third-party app integration.

11:20: Apple Music app introduces a social network feature.

11:20: Apple Music now has 27 million subscribers.

11:19: New HomeKit category: Speakers for controlling multi-speaker audio systems using AirPlay 2.

11:18: Next up, HomeKit updates.

11:16: “Do Not Disturb While Driving” mode introduced for CarPlay.

11:16: Maps navigation will also have speed limits and lane guidance.

11:15: Maps will be updated with detailed floor plans of malls and airports.

11:14: Using machine learning, Siri will learn more about your usage patterns.

11:12: New interface in Photos called Memories.

11:12: Long Exposure mode. Cool effect.

11:11: Live Photo Loops!

11:10: Lockscreen and Notifications are now unified.

11:09: Demo of the new redesigned iOS 11 Control Center.

11:07: More software improvements in iOS 11 Photos. Exciting stuff!

11:06: iOS Camera updates: HEVC encoding on iOS 11 for better size-to-quality ratio. Same quality for half the size!

11:06: Siri now has on-device learning.

11:05: Siri Kit now integrates with more apps.

11:04: Siri now supports language translations!

11:03: Siri updates: Deep learning is changing how Siri talks – it’s more natural now.

11:02: Apple Pay Now will support person-to-person payments, integrated to messages as an iMessage app.

11:01: “Messages in iCloud” will sync text messages to the cloud.

11:01: iOS 11 Messages has a redesigned app drawer.

11:00: Craig is back with iOS 11’s new features.

10:59: Tim Cook back onstage talking about iOS 11.

10:59: iMac Pro ships December 2017 and starts at $4,999.

10:58: Tons of high-performance features on the iMac Pro: 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports, 10GB Ethernet built in, 128 Gb of ECC memory, up to 4TB SSD, 1080p Facetime camera, 5K display, SD Slot.

10:56: 8-core Xeon processor on the iMac Pro, upgradeable to 10 cores.

10:55: It’s being called the most powerful Mac ever.

10:54: Sneak peek at the all-new iMac Pro!

10:53: MacBook Air will get upgraded speeds, too.

10:53: 13-inch MacBook Pro starts at $1,299.

10:52: New Macbooks with upgraded performance are also introduced.

10:51: 4K iMac will start at $1,299.

10:51: The new iMacs will have Thunderbolt 3 connections.

10:48: Darth Vader! Impressive VR rendering on the new iMacs.

10:46: Industrial Light and Magic’s John Knoll demo the VR graphic capabilities of the new iMacs with a “Star Wars” game using Unreal Engine.

10:45: Massive graphics capability updates on the new iMacs.

10:44: Fusion Drives will be standard on new iMacs. RAM will also be increased.

10:43: New iMacs will also sport Kaby Lake processors.

10:43: New iMacs will have better and better displays with up to a billion colors.

10:41: iMac is up first.

10:41: New Mac hardware coming up!

10:40: High Sierra beta is now available for developers.

10:39: Metal 2 can be used for external graphics and Virtual Reality graphic creation.

10:38: New High Sierra graphic engine is called Metal 2.

10:37: H.265 is now the new standard video format for built-in 4K and HDR support.

10:36: Apple File System (AFPS) is now the new default file system for macOS High Sierra.

10:35: Photos will get new editing tools like Curves.

10:33: Photos will have extra tools like a sidebar, filters and improved Faces.

10:32: Search in Mail will now use Spotlight and will also have SplitView.

10:32: Intelligent Tracking Prevention will also make its debut in Safari.

10:31: Safari will now have auto-play blocking.

10:31: Improvements to macOS Safari with modern JavaScript enhancements.

10:30: Next macOS is named “High Sierra.” No joke!

10:30: Craig Federighi is now onstage talking about macOS updates.

10:29: Tim Cook back onstage talking about the Mac.

10:28: WatchOS developer preview now available.

10:27: Native Core Bluetooth is now supported on the Apple Watch.

10:27: Playlists on the Apple Watch now start automatically with each Workout.

10:26: Demo of the new dock and the new Siri face cards.

10:25: Apple Watch will sync with Apple Music with the new watchOS 4 music app.

10:23: watchOS 4 can now sync data with gym equipment via NFC.

10:22: Improvements to the workout app and heart monitor are introduced.

10:20: watchOS now has monthly challenges and celebrations.

10:19: New Kaleidoscope and Toy Story watch faces!

10:18: New Apple Watch Siri clock face!

10:18: Kevin Lynch is now onstage talking about watchOS 4 updates.

10:17 AM: Apple Watch updates.

10:16 AM: First up: TVOS. As expected, Amazon Prime Video is coming to the Apple TV!

10:15: Next up: OS updates. Six important announcements in the pipeline.

10:12: Cook says this will be the “best WWDC Ever!” Attendees come from 75 countries including a 10-year-old coder from Australia.

10:11: Tim Cook takes the stage. “Welcome to WWDC!”

10:10: Video continues on with a slew of Apple products and apps. Video has a nice comedy movie feel to it.

10:08 AM: Video with iPod Classic kicks off the event.

10:06 AM: People still waiting for the event to start. Slight delay it seems.

10:02 AM: Announcer just asked the audience to turn off their gadgets or put them in silent mode.

9:55 AM: Apple’s Live Stream is up. Music from Tycho is playing. Event is about to begin.

9:45 AM: 15 minutes before the event! To start this off, a few leaks have already made their way through the grapevine including an iOS 11 file manager called Files. The app was in the Apple App Store briefly this morning but it has been taken down. We are expecting it to be introduced at the event.


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