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Wow! Leaked iPhone 8 rendering reveals glimpse of design details

Are you excited for iPhone 8 yet? We know, it can get confusing in iPhone rumor land. The Apple grapevine can be a maze of conflicting reports, incredible theories, fan-fueled fantasies and far-fetched concepts.

Some are saying it will be unveiled in June at the WWDC and go on sale in September while some reports are saying that due to manufacturing issues, we won’t even see the iPhone 8 until 2018! There are even reports of a total ban on iPhones shipping to the U.S., imagine that!

Despite this rapid flow of speculation, fans, as usual, can’t seem to get enough of it. For the multitudes of Apple faithful who are waiting for the next big thing – speculating about the next iPhone is fun and it’s actually an integral part of the gadget’s consumer lifecycle.

Everyone seems to agree that we will see three separate iPhone models in 2017 – two “s” models that will likely be just upgraded versions of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and a third premium version that might rock all the rumored groundbreaking technologies.

Features will likely include a 5.8-inch borderless, curved OLED display, IP68 waterproofing, integrated virtual home button, 3D sensing front camera and display embedded fingerprint scanner.

Now, based on leaked schematics, dummy models and cases, someone may just have created the most credible and realistic render of the premium iPhone 8 yet. And we are hoping it’s close to the real thing because it’s stunningly beautiful!

Gear India iPhone 8 render

Notorious French gadget leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer, also known by Twitter handle OnLeaks, posted a 25-second long iPhone 8 render video that he said was aided by a CAD or computer-assisted design schematic.

The video, reportedly created by Gear India, shows the iPhone 8’s rumored edge-to-edge screen, glass sandwich design and vertical dual rear cameras and a chunkier form factor reminiscent of the first iPhone designs.

Conspicuously absent is the rumored rear fingerprint sensor.

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

OnLeaks admits that this render is not wholly accurate and may not be the iPhone’s final design since Apple is working on multiple design prototypes.

However, it’s still in line with almost every design rumor out there right now and it is the most credible render we have seen as of yet.

iPhone 8’s A11 chip starts production

In another report, Digitimes said that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has started production of the new 10nm A11 chips that will power the iPhone 8.

This suggests that although some of the iPhone 8’s components are delayed, the phone’s production process is well on its way.

Since it is a little bit later than the earlier rumored April start of the chip’s mass production, we may not get a mass release of the iPhone 8 in September after all. Earlier rumors suggested that TSMC will prepare for a production capacity of 50 million chips before July but because of the late start, this may no longer be feasible.

Reports also suggest that the premium iPhone 8 will get the same A11 chip as the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus.

This means that the premium iPhone 8 won’t get any processing upgrades compared to the 7 “s” models. This might be a disappointment to fans who are anticipating that the “iPhone Edition,” with all its bells, whistles and whiz-bang features, will have more computing horsepower than the other models.

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