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Afraid to run that .exe file? Now you don’t have to worry about breaking your PC

There are things in this world that should terrify you, like sharks. And clowns.

That also goes for running unknown .exe files. Not only is it scary, it’s also a very bad, bad idea. But after you’ve convinced yourself that it’s probably fine, the realization of your mistake soon sets in as the infected file unleashes viruses and malware across your PC (chills).

Even though other operating systems have figured out ways to avoid problems with those types of files, Microsoft’s Windows hasn’t. Until now, that is, but this new feature won’t apply to everyone.

Live dangerously on Windows 10

Maybe this will end Microsoft’s year on a slightly more upbeat note, but it still won’t overshadow all the problems it’s caused Windows users this year.

This week, Microsoft released Windows Sandbox for Windows 10, an isolated and temporary desktop environment where you can run untrusted software without fear of ensuing system disaster. It’s named that way because anything you install via this feature will remain in the “sandbox,” keeping it separate from the rest of your PC.

Note: This is not the same thing as the recently-announced Sandbox Mode for Windows Defender antivirus. Read more about that by tapping or clicking here

Once you’re finished using Sandbox, close it and the program will permanently delete everything that was inside. But don’t get too excited.

Right now, Windows Sandbox is only being made available to Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise users with various other prerequisites (check out the full details here). There’s no indication of when or even if the feature will ever be available to Windows 10 Home users.

Bonus: Turn off your computer automatically, and more

But if you’re lucky enough to have access the new Windows Sandbox feature, then crank up Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild” and run unknown .exe files until your heart’s content. Then you can get back to things that should really scare you. Like romaine lettuce. App background

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