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Windows 10 Spring Update is coming, here’s what you need to know

Are you ready for your next major Windows update? The last major update for Windows 10 was the Fall Creators Update released back in October.

The Fall Creators Update brought numerous new feature tweaks including a new look called the Fluent Design system, a big push toward 3-D modeling and Mixed Reality modes, new login options, Eye Control.

It also brought new under-the-hood improvements like OneDrive Files-on-Demand, better update control, faster boot times, power throttling, Storage Sense optimizations and more.

Soon, Microsoft is expected to roll out more exciting new features with its major update for Windows 10, expected to be released within the next few months.

What do we know so far about this update? Read on and find out.

What will it be called?

We don’t know its official name yet, but the next major update for Windows 10 is internally codenamed “Redstone 4.” Based on the naming conventions of the last two updates and leaks, it will most likely be named “Spring Creators Update.”

When is the release date?

Very soon. “Redstone 4” has been in testing mode for quite a while now and that means the final version will be ready to roll out in the upcoming months. As the rumored name suggests, expect it to drop in early April.

What to expect?

The Spring Creators is bringing additional tweaks and improvements, building on what the Fall Creators Update brought to the table.

Is it free?

Yes. Similar to other major Windows 10 updates, the Spring Creators Update is completely free to all Windows 10 users.

Based on beta tests, here are some of the features we are expecting.

Timeline feature

One of the major features being introduced in the next Windows 10 update is Timeline. This feature is a new management system for current and previously running apps.

By adding a history feature in the Task View, you can see what apps you ran during the course of a day and resume them.

Not only that, similar to Apple’s Continuity and Handoff features, you can resume the tasks on other Windows 10 machines and compatible apps on iOS or Android gadgets.


The Fall Creators Update made Cortana smarter with faster answers without the need for an open browser.

With the Spring Creators Update, Cortana will go cross-platform! With an improved collections feature, you’ll be able to create lists and sync between gadgets that have the Cortana app installed, going beyond Windows 10 computers.

Natural language voice control for third-party music apps like Spotify and Pandora are also being introduced.

Windows Fluent Design System

The Windows Fluent Design philosophy was introduced in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, bringing elements of transparency and animation that it previously lacked.

We’re expecting more Fluent Design improvements in the next update that will focus on light, depth and motion effects in the Windows 10 user interface.

People Hub

A new way to communicate with your family and friends was introduced in the Fall Creators Update via the “My People Hub.” Basically, it’s a taskbar icon that provides a quick way to launch communication apps.

With the Spring Creators Update, Microsoft will let you add up to 10 contacts on the People Hub and see them on its pop-up menu.

Edge Browser

A number of worthwhile features are also slated for Microsoft’s browser, Microsoft Edge.

First is the ability to mute audio from specific tabs. This will definitely come in handy when silencing browser auto-play videos.

Microsoft Edge will also get more Fluency Design improvements, expanded e-book support and more touchpad gestures.

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