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Why now is the BEST time to sell your old iPhone

Each year, as new models of smartphones roll out, many people trade in their old gadgets for credits toward their new phones. But did you know there’s another option?

Selling your old phone might just get you more cash. However, you’re going to have to act fast. Especially if you own an old iPhone.

We’ve shared some tips before about three different ways you can make money off of your old gadget. One of those ways is selling your device online, via LetGo, or even eBay or Craigslist. But if you’d like to get top dollar for your old iPhone when you sell it, you need to get it sold before the new iPhone 8 is released in September.

Tip within a tip: Planning to use eBay to list your old gadget? Click here for secret eBay selling tricks to help you earn top dollar

Rumors about the iPhone 8 have gone back and forth all year long. First, it was said that the production had been delayed, and we wouldn’t see new products from Apple until December. Now, however, it’s looking as if Apple has come through and the new iPhone line will be ready to hit shelves on September 12.

We’ve rounded up all of the information we know about the upcoming iPhone 8 in an article we shared last week. Click here to see what you can expect to find on September 12 and if the iPhone 8 will be worth the money.

Based on years past, sell back prices on older models of phones drop significantly the closer you get to the launch of a new product. In some cases, the cost is even reduced by as much as $100.

Past trends also suggest that you’ll get the most money if you sell your device on eBay, but there are other options out there to consider. Sometimes it’s worth accepting a bit less on the sale just to have some extra convenience. Sites like Amazon, Gazelle, Glyde and Swappa will help you out with shipping by sending you a box and a label to send your phone in. They also offer convenient payment options such as PayPal, or even an Amazon gift card.

One major challenge that many people face is that the phone they’re trying to sell is also the phone they use on a regular basis. So, it’s a trade off. If you’re OK going without a phone for a few weeks, it’s best if you get your old gadget listed for sale immediately. Or, you can also look into using a temporary phone to get you through until the new iPhone finally hits shelves.

Just remember, before you sell any device via any method, you’re going to need to clear all your data from it. Click here for helpful tips on when you should wipe, shred, delete or erase files from your gadgets.

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