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Whatever you do, don’t say THIS to Siri!

“Is your refrigerator running?……You better go catch it!” That has to be one of the oldest (and corniest) prank phone call lines of all time.

With the popularity of caller ID, prank phone calls have become few and far between. But pranksters are still finding ways to use phone technology to fool unsuspecting victims.

How pranksters are tricking iPhone users

Some pranksters are trying to trick iPhone users into saying certain phrases that will cause SIRI to call emergency services. It’s making the rounds on social media right now. Here’s an example:

In India, the phone number to emergency services is 108. However, saying 108 to SIRI in the U.S. will also trigger her to dial 911. That’s because SIRI recognizes 108 as an emergency call and converts it to the local emergency services number.

The Sioux Falls Police Department recently pointed this out on Twitter:

For some reason, jokers think it’s funny to have people unwittingly dial emergency services. Some are even going so far as to tell people to say 108 and then close your eyes for 5 seconds. That way the victim of the prank won’t see the message on the screen that says “Calling emergency services in 5 seconds.”

Other numbers will trigger calls to emergency services as well. For example, 911, 000, 110 and 112. Obviously, don’t say any of these numbers to SIRI, unless of course you actually need to contact 911.

Not only are these types of prank calls a drain on 911 services, you could get into serious trouble with the police. Life was much simpler when pranksters were just calling to ask if you had Prince Albert in a can.

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